Tuesday, 2 May 2017

475 | Sustainable Grassland Management


A quarter of earth was once covered by grasslands, but much of these are now faced with continuing habitat loss, fragmentation and desertification. Only 5 percent of the original prairie (grassland) in the United States remains.

Grasslands also contain river valleys and wetlands

Grassland, also containing river valleys and wetlands, is considered as the world's most endangered ecosystem, not only resulting in a widespread loss of wildlife habitat but having a wider-reaching impact on the ecosystem as a whole, also impacting the survival of human kind that relies on healthy grasslands as part of the whole ecosystem.

Blue Cranes in their natural grassland habitat

BirdsConTour's Sustainable Grassland Management project showcases how people and nature can coexist. Many of the world's grasslands have a long history of sustainable livestock grazing. This grazing has supported generations of grassland ranchers and the Sustainable Grassland Management project helps to restore and maintain grassland health and it benefits many grassland bird life and a correspondingly large number of other wildlife.
With this project BirdsConTour shows its passion and ability to conserve and restore the world's grassland heritage.
As part of our efforts in conserving biodiversity is the protection and sustainable management of certain places, as a result helping to ensure the survival of not only a correspondingly large number of wildlife (animal and plant species) but also humankind.

Grassland health also benefits human in a wider-reaching sense.

For further reading page to article 218 and 416.

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