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Triggering Travelling

Photos and text by Stefan Rust

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Traveling with BirdsConTour gives reason to scream out loud full of joy, because our mission is: Welfare and conservation through traveling! Doesn’t that give you peace of mind while exploring the world?

It is appropriate to add this ‘Triggering Travelling’ space to the Words of Feather editions, electronic and paper. Up till this stage BirdsConTour has grown so well that people are longing to read about fascinating aspects that one can encounter while travelling. The wonderful thing about this column is that BirdsConTour will be writing about a broad spectrum of subjects, some you might have come across while travelling, sending you down memory lane, or some subjects that might trigger your interest in wanting to pack your travel suitcase and head off to new experiences.
BirdsConTour has travel experience all around the globe:
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History of soccer until today’s FIFA (International Federation of Football Association)

Although the suggestion is that the history of soccer dates back as far as 2 500BC, games in which the Greek, Egyptians and Chinese played feet-based games involving a ball and including the use of hands and even sticks to play the ball, the most relevant to our modern day soccer is the Chinese game ‘Tsu-Chu’ (‘kick ball’) during the Tsin Dynasty at about 255 – 206BC. During this game, played as a training activity, soldiers competed in kicking a leather ball into a net fixed between two poles.
As from when Tsu-Chu became known more and more, soccer-like games spread throughout the world, such as the Native Americans played ‘Pahsakerman’, the Indigenous Australiens ‘Marn Grook’ and the Moari’s ‘Ki-o-rahi’.
In England entire towns were kicking pig’s bladders from one point to another that for some periods of Britain’s history this game got banned because it was regarded as a nuisance.
Even in the 1700s, when dedicated soccer clubs in Britain emerged, the playing sides were still allowed to use their hands. Only in 1863 the FA (Football Association) arranged set of soccer rules across Britain and soon thereafter the first official soccer match was played in Battersea Park, London. Twelve years later the Football Association Cup was introduced. In 1904 the International Federation of Association Football (FIFA) was formed, reflecting an international agreement between codes and countries.

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