Tuesday, 4 July 2017

478/ Helping children with birds' twittering


BirdsConTour is committed to the protection of wild birds, including where human settlements are. For especially in these places, wild birds are deprived of their habitat. As a result, many bird species do not find adequate nesting sites and food. In addition, people can no longer enjoy their beautiful sight and wonderful singing. Just sad!
BirdsConTour tries to change this!

With a recent visit to the Ngatuve Vatere orphanage, BirdsConTour has donated a bird feeding house to the orphanage, which makes sense in two ways. 

BirdsConTour provides enough food for the garden birds and on the other hand, a natural environment is created which is the best preventive health care in order to make the inhabitants of settlements and cities happier and more healthy. Because the positive association between bird twittering, plants and better mental health remains, independent of neighborhood issues, household income, age or other sociodemographic factors.