Thursday, 23 June 2016

442 | Not only wild horses


Klein-Aus Vista's attractive setting in the surround of granitic-gneiss koppies, expansive panoramas across the plains of the Pro-Namib to the purple-blue mountains in the distance and friendly staff make it an appealing base to stay while passing through or exploring the area.

Twenty kilometers away, the wild horses and if you are very lucky the secretive and endangered spotted hyena can be viewed at the Garub viewpoint right in the formerly restricted diamond area, the Sperrgebiet.

Klein Aus Vista supports the protection of both these species, the wild horses and the spotted hyena.

But for Klein Aus Vista it's not only about guests, wild horses and spotted hyenas, but also about supporting the Kabouterland Kindergarten AUS in the nearby situated settlement of Aus. The capacity is for up to fifty children between the age of two to five years old. For remaining enrolled some neglected children depend upon funding. Tables, toys, computers, printers and further items are few and insufficient and also depend on ad-hoc assistance and donations where Klein Aus Vista continuously supports. Klein Aus Vista believes that the Kabouterland is a valuable institution in the Aus community, focusing on the young generation and laying the foundation for many social and manual skills.

This vista of beauty and sustainable tourism is also home of many wild garden 
birds due to a bird friendly garden.

Klein Aus Vista earned a three penguin-rated Welfare, Conservation and Tourism Support 2016 Award from BirdsConTour.

441 | The place you don't want to leave


Little Sossus Lodge is called the place you don't want to leave with good reason. Spectacular landscapes, sparkling night skies and the silence of nature function like a magnet.
In the surrounding area there are the  highest sand dunes of the world.

Activities that can be booked at Little Sossus Lodge include guided Sossusvlei trips, game and sundowner drives, hot air balloon and scenic flights.

Sustainability is part of the lodges' vision like water saving, solar power and the lodge also caters for garden birds.

BirdsConTour awarded Little Sossus Lodge with a two penguin-rated Conservation and Tourism Support 2016 Award.

439 | A-la-Mer


The renovated A-la-Mer now offers stylish and affordable accommodation to visitors to Swakopmund at the coast.
What sets A-la-Mer apart is the fact that it is located walking distance from  the city centre of Swakopmund and the direct proximity to the beach.

A-la-Mer strongly believes in recycling for sustainable tourism what earns them a one penguin-rated Tourism Support 2016 Award from BirdsConTour.

438 | In the days before supermarkets


Omandumba is home to a living museum of the Ju/'Hoansi San tribe.

Living in the surroundings, these ancient people will sing and dance for guests, show how they built their huts with grass.

San guides will explain how they used to make their bows and arrows and how they hunted with them.

They also show how they set traps and snares for small mammals. In the days before firearms and supermarkets you had to get hold of your meals in the most reliable and energy-saving way when you were hungry. Straight talking - a matter of survival, not cruelty as city dwellers might think today.

The guides also show and explain how they produce jewellery of eggshells and other artefacts, how certain plants are used as food or medicine and how to light a fire by twirling fire sticks between the palms of your hands.

This project earns the San people an important income, reminds them of their ancient traditions and demonstrate visitors their traditional way of life.

For the support in welfare and tourism the Ju/'Hoansi San received a two penguin-rated Welfare and Tourism Support 2016 Award from BirdsConTour.