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Art. # 216

BirdsConTour Structure

Photos and text by Stefan Rust
(In terms of the Geneva Convention the copyright of these texts belongs to Stefan Rust)

BirdsConTour is an organization based on bird conservation and sustainable birding tourism funded by the income created through various projects (mainly tourism). This structure shows how BirdsConTour is set up:

                                                     í                       î
Conservation                                                             Tourism
“Input gives Wings”                                                “Travel gives Wings”
      ê                                                                                  ê
Projects                                                                    Projects
(¤ Main projects,  -Sub projects)                            (¤ Main projects, -ŸSub projects)

People related
¤ Aiding Wings                                           ¤ Aiding Wings
 Ÿ -Birding Training                                        Ÿ -Birding Training
 Ÿ -Bird & Birder Friendly Award                  Ÿ -Bird & Birder Friendly Award 
  -Birds in Art                                              
 Ÿ -Young Birders

Nature related
¤ Bird & Birder Friendly Habitat               ¤ Bird & Birder Friendly Habitat
     (Consulting, Planning, Establishing)                        (Consulting, Planning, Establishing)
 Ÿ -BirdsConTour for a cleaner Bird Habitat Ÿ -BirdsConTour for a cleaner Bird Habitat
 Ÿ -Architecture for a better Bird Life            Ÿ -Architecture for a better Bird Life
 Ÿ -Birdequip                                                  Ÿ -Birdequip
 Ÿ -Anti-Poaching Crusade                             Ÿ -Anti-Poaching Crusade
 Ÿ -Environmental Management                     Ÿ  -Environmental Management
 Ÿ -Bird of the Year                                         Ÿ -Bird of the Year
                                                                      Ÿ -Water for Sossus Birds

Tourism related
                                                                       ¤ BirdsConTOUR

Media related
¤ Birds in Words                                         ¤ Birds in Words
  -BirdsConTour Report                                Ÿ-BirdsConTour Report
 Ÿ -BirdsConTour Structure                            Ÿ -BirdsConTour Structure

Research related
¤ BirdsConTour Research                           ¤ BirdsConTour Research
 Ÿ -Land Rehabilitation Puzzle                        Ÿ -Land Rehabilitation Puzzle
 Ÿ -Prosopis Impact                                          Ÿ -Prosopis Impact 

Thursday, 17 April 2014

240 | BIRD IN WORDS EDITORIAL (18.03.-06.04.2014)


Art. # 240
Birds in Words – Editorial (18.03. – 06.04.2014)

The cover page shows a male Kori Bustard (Bird of the Year 2014).
Cover page layout: beeline
Cover page photo: Birgit Leicher
Editor: Stefan Rust

Dear reader,

some more detailed reports on birds, bird matters and fascinating bird conservation and tourism activities are published in articles

232 Farmer Bör,
233 Young Birders at Delta Kindergarten,
234 BirdsConTour and Pack Safari join forces,
235 Cleaning the routes travelled,
236 Sea Breeze Guesthouse,
237 Awarding Tour Participants
238 Oh Lord, won’t you send me a Mercedes spare part,
239 BirdsConTour Report (NEW! List of birds seen during this time included) and
240 Birds in Words Editorial

available under the blogspot "Birds in Words"
It is all about birds!

*Please note that articles are, or may be, included that don't directly deal with birds. These are, however, issues that contribute directly or indirectly to the protection of birds.

Kind regards
Stefan Rust
Cell: +264 (0) 81 129 8415
P.O.Box 5182, Windhoek, Namibia