Wednesday, 27 April 2016

417 | Getting Kids involved in Birds


Kids are naturally curious and love to learn about birds because they hold a special fascination, they can fly!

Leni loves and enjoys helping birds by feeding them

Enzo proudly points out his self made bird feeder

Parents and teachers can help children learn about birds by taking them out to build a bird feeder. Children love to feed the birds outside in the garden. 

A Cape Glossy Starling feeds its chick with a small snake

And then it's so much fun to sit back and watch all the wonderful birds come over to feed. Making bird feeders with the kids is a great activity to get them outside and enjoying nature.
BirdsConTour shows a few ideas that you and your kids can enjoy.

Using empty cold drink cans to create seed feeders

Sunflower seed tube feeder

Porridge feeder

Fruit feeder

Nectar feeder

Corn feeder

Suet (peanut butter) feeder

Water table

The other thing parents and teachers can do is to encourage kids to build a bird house. Before and while building nests, one can do a little reading and explaining about birds and the purpose of a nest.

Small bird nest

Large bird nest out of a plant pot

Building bird feeders and bird houses with kids is a great way to get kids engaged in bird conservation.

Late Mrs Heidi Rust was a great example of engaging kids in DIY projects

Thank you to all parents and teachers for all you do to turn kids into citizen scientists!