Tuesday, 31 May 2016

435 | Bird-friendliest town in Namibia to be chosen



BirdsConTour started a competition to encourage citizens of Namibia via the wild garden birds towards a nature-friendly urban development. The competition started on 5 May, in commemoration of the World Environment Day on the same day, and will run until 9 December. It is also based on the Bird of the Year 2015 project, in which the House Sparrow was elected as an ambassador for bird friendly towns in Namibia.
Namibia's cities develop at an alarming speed and it is the concern of BirdsConTour not to commit the same mistake as many other cities in the world, but to establish the cities of Namibia bird friendly as early as possible.
Therefore every citizen can contribute by taking natural nesting sites into account and/or attaching artificial nests such as nest boxes.
To bring this to attention, BirdsConTour calls citizens to participate in this competition by photographing any natural or artificial, inhabited or uninhabited wild bird nests you can find in any town of Namibia and send these pictures via Whattsapp to the BirdsConTour hotline 081 129 8415 together with your full name, email address and the according town/s and stand a chance to win a Namibia bird book sponsored by BirdsConTour.
The closing date for the pictures is on 30 November. The town with the most different nest sites sent in will win! The announcement on Namibia's bird friendliest town will be announced on 9 December. The lucky draw of the participants also takes place on 9 December.

Monday, 30 May 2016

421 | Wake - Up!


Penduka means Wake - Up! Established in 1992, it is a non-governmental organization that helps rural women from all over Namibia to create their own jobs and obtain an income, preferring women with a physical disability. 

By making batik, pottery, embroidery and glass beads, the women can support their families in the villages.
Penduka also offers several other interesting projects such as restaurant and also accommodation.

While visiting the restaurant one can also arrange for the women to give a performance of their traditional dances.

Penduka offers three types of accommodation: bungalow, backpacker dormitories and a small campsite.
The women make beads for jewellery from recycled glass bottles they collect, thus serving their part in conservation.

Penduka was rewarded with a three penguin-rated Welfare, Conservation & Tourism Support 2016 Award from BirdsConTour.

434 | Namibian Goethe Centre upgraded to Institute


Since 1999 the Namibian German Foundation for Cultural Co-operation has operated the Goethe Centre in Windhoek with the goal of promoting the study of German and encouraging cultural exchange. Since the beginning it was planned to develop the Goethe Centre in Windhoek into an Institute. Finally on the 1. January 2016 this Centre became registered as a fully-fledged branch of the Goethe Institut.

In recognition of this positive event BirdsConTour donated on the 27. May 2016 a birdbath and a birdfeeder to the cafe of the Institut.

Not only the garden wild birds shall be supported but the guests should also enjoy their well-deserved coffee break with lively birdsong.

Sunday, 29 May 2016

433 | Tourism supports Welfare and Conservation


Pack Safari maintains responsible tourism, supports sustainable conservation and maximizes positive impact on local people while functioning as a tour operator in Southern Africa.
This is exactly what earned Pack Safari a three penguin-rated Welfare, Conservation & Tourism Support 2016 Award.

432 | Birding at Onjala Lodge


The Onjala Lodge was awarded with a three penguin-rated Welfare, Conservation & Tourism Support 2016 Award.

The lodge is managed to minimize environmental impact by utilizing sustainable technologies. The lodge also endeavors to support the local staff and responsible tourism.

431 | Clean energy created at Seidarap


The Seidarap Guesthouse was awarded with a two penguin-rated Conservation & Tourism Support 2016 Award by BirdsConTour.

With plenty of sunshine all day- year round, Seidarap takes advantage of the weather for the good of the planet through harnessing it to generate solar power.

430 | Gelukspoort supports Conservation


A thoughtful, committed couple can support tourism and nature! This is exactly what Crissie and Frank Glöditsch are doing on their Gelukspoort Guestfarm. 

Their aim is to help to ensure that visiting Gelukspoort's nature is as enjoyable in the future as it is now.

Therefore BirdsConTour awarded Gelukspoort Guestfarm with a two penguin-rated Conservation & Tourism Support 2016 Award.

429 | Etendero scores two penguin rating


Etendero Guestfarm scored a two penguin-rating when BirdsConTour assessed their management principles. 

A symbol with two penguins was awarded for conservation and responsible tourism.

Saturday, 28 May 2016

423 | Penguins in the desert


Set below striking fossilized dunes, the comfortable lodge provides sustainable tourism in the ancient Namib Desert.
Not only the guests are taken good care of in the arms of this part of the Namib but also the staff and nature.

BirdsConTour rewards the Namib Desert Lodge with a three penguin-rated Welfare, Conservation & Tourism Support 2016 Award for the actions taken in all three aspects.

428 | Children steal hearts


The Ngatuve Vatere orphanage was awarded a two penguin-rated Welfare & Tourism Support 2016 Award. Ngatuve Vatere strives to provide a home for children in need of help and welcomes guests to visit, benefiting from Namibia's responsible tourism.

BirdsConTour has an active interest in the wellbeing of Namibia's people and therefore awarded Ngatuve Vatere for its commitment.