Thursday, 30 July 2015

388 | Have your own wild bird sanctuary

Welfare and Conservation

Where birds thrive, people prosper. It has been proven that people who live and work in spaces that are connected to nature are happier, healthier and more productive. From farms to rural towns, each community can provide important habitat for wild birds. In turn, birds offer us a richer, more beautiful, and healthful place to live.
Unfortunately over the past century every established settlement, no matter how big or small, has taken ecologically productive land and fragmented and transformed it with sterile lawns and exotic ornamental plants. Every settlement introduced walls of glass, toxic pesticides, and domestic predators. The human-dominated landscape no longer supports functioning ecosystems or provides healthy places for birds.
Creating bird-friendly communities is BirdsConTour's commitment to the welfare and conservation of our urban, suburban and rural places. We can restore and reconnect these places. We can reestablish the ecological functions of any settlement. We can provide sustainable safe habitats for wild birds.
To achieve this, BirdsConTour established the Wild Bird Sanctuary Program. BirdsConTour transforms your home, church, school, common property, lodge, guest farm or any business into a certified haven for wild birds. Every wild bird sanctuary owner then receives an attractive certificate for display purposes, announcing to visitors, clients, guests and everybody else the certified wild bird sanctuary.
By simply contacting BirdsConTour under 0811298415 or, everyone can help make their place and community bird-friendly.
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