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295 | BRAZIL


Art. # 295


Triggering Travelling

Photos and text by Stefan Rust

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Traveling with BirdsConTour gives reason to scream out loud full of joy, because our mission is: Welfare and conservation through traveling! Doesn’t that give you peace of mind while exploring the world?

It is appropriate to add this ‘Triggering Travelling’ space to the Words of Feather editions, electronic and paper. Up till this stage BirdsConTour has grown so well that people are longing to read about fascinating aspects that one can encounter while travelling. The wonderful thing about this column is that BirdsConTour will be writing about a broad spectrum of subjects, some you might have come across while travelling, sending you down memory lane, or some subjects that might trigger your interest in wanting to pack your travel suitcase and head off to new experiences.
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Fast Facts

Area:           8, 514, 877 square kilometers
Population: 201, 009, 622
Capital:       Mostly tropical
Language:   Portuguese
Religion:     Roman Catholic, 76.6%
Time Zone: UTC-3, please note that Brazil is divided into three time zones

A brief history

The Federative Republich of Brazil is the largest country in South America and by geographical area and population it is the world’s fifth largest country. As the only one in America it is the world’s largest Portuguese-speaking country.
Prior to the landing of explorer Pedro Alvares Cabral in 1500 and the then following colonization by the Portuguese, Brazil was inhabited by estimated 7 million tribal people. In 1808 the French took over until 1822 Brazil achieved its independence with the creation of the Empire of Brazil. In 1889 the country became a presidential republic. In 1988 Brazil formulated a constitution and since then the country is defined as a federal republic.
According to nominal GDP the Brazilian economy is the world’s seventh largest and home to a variety of wildlife, natural environments and extensive natural resources in a variety of protected habitats.
For the last 150 years Brazil has been the world’s largest producer of coffee.

Travel Destination

When an animated crowd dressed in vibrant colored clothes begins to dance after a distant drum beats out a contagious rhythm, bringing the streets to life, then you know you are in Brazil. From the skyline of Rio de Janeiro, to the old architecture of Salvador and the multicultural street carnivals in Recife, Brazil is known world-wide for its party scene and warm, playful people.
The unique Portuguese culture is complemented by a convergence of African, European and South American traditions.
Home to the awe-inspiring Amazon rainforest, tropical islands, lakes, caves, mountains and waterfalls, each habitat with its collection of exotic wildlife, Brazil is one of a big party not to miss.

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