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Art. # 285

ART FOR LIFE (Welfare division)

It’s time to show your art skills

Text by Stefan Rust

(In terms of the Geneva Convention the copyright of these texts belongs to Stefan Rust)

Good artworks start with passion!
The BirdsConTour Art for Life project aims to inspire artists of all levels from all over the world and invites artists to show a picture of their artwork in this space.

The creative project Art for Life carries the message of promoting welfare and conservation through tourism to a far wider public audience than ever before through the communication medium of art.
Art is unquestionably one of the best options to spread the word of welfare and conservation and marketing tourism, particularly if one reaches beyond the borders.
The BirdsConTour Art for Life project supports artists worldwide, up till now in Namibia, Botswana and Germany.



Translating words into sketches

Art Form:
Pencil sketch (drawing)


Mrs. Olivia Koch


BirdsConTour Comment:
A pencil sketch is a rapid freehand drawing that is usually not intended to be a finished work serving as a record something the artist sees or has seen, serving for recording or developing an idea to remember or it might serve, as in the case of Mrs. Olivia Koch, to graphically demonstrate words of sayings and poems.
The common pencil is the most immediate and sensitive of the drawing media. Variations in pencil marks depend on the hardness of the graphite lead in the shaft. The harder the lead, the finer the line. Pencils are described as a dry medium, in contrast to pens that contain liquids.

Please send a picture of your artwork with your name and country, the artwork title and its form by e-mail to birdscontour@iway.na (with ‘Art for Life’ in the subject line) or by letter to Art for Life, BirdsConTour, P.O.Box 5182, Windhoek, Namibia.
Please note that BirdsConTour can’t guarantee to publish all artworks. 

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