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474/ BirdsConTour Scientist - birding with a reason


Spur-winged Goose in its natural wetland habitat.

Water Monitor in its natural wetland habitat

Conservation of biodiversity, the total variety of life on earth, is one of the major concerns of BirdsConTour, particularly as warnings of imminent mass extinctions of species become recognized as based on solid information.
Currently extinction rates of birds and mammals are estimated to be +-500 times what they would be under natural conditions and BirdsConTour base future extinction rates on projected rates of habitat loss.

Blue Cranes in their natural grassland habitat

In a wider-reaching sense also human depend on healthy grassland habitat

As an example, a quarter of earth was once covered by grasslands, but much of these are now faced with continuing habitat loss, fragmentation and desertification. Only 5 percent of the original prairie (grassland) in the United States remains. Grassland, also containing river valleys and wetlands, is considered as the world's most endangered ecosystem, not only resulting in a widespread loss of wildlife habitat but having a wider-reaching impact on the ecosystem as a whole, also impacting the survival of human kind that relies on healthy grasslands as part of the whole ecosystem.

BirdsConTour's Sustainable Grassland Management project showcases how people and nature can coexist. Many of the world's grasslands have a long history of sustainable livestock grazing. This grazing has supported generations of grassland ranchers and the Sustainable Grassland Management project helps to restore and maintain grassland health and it benefits many grassland bird life and a correspondingly large number of other wildlife.
With this project BirdsConTour shows its passion and ability to conserve and restore the world's grassland heritage.
As part of our efforts in conserving biodiversity is the protection and sustainable management of certain places, as a result helping to ensure the survival of not only a correspondingly large number of wildlife (animal and plant species) but also humankind.

In order to determine priorities for biodiversity conservation, BirdsConTour initiated the BirdsConTour Scientist - birding with a reason project. Because birds are the only major group among plants and animals to have dispersed to and diversified in all the regions of the world and virtually all habitat types and altitudinal zones, they are the most effective indicators of wider biodiversity. Birds are BirdsConTour's ambassadors of change! With the BirdsConTour Scientist project BirdsConTour together with our appreciated bird watching guests, not only enjoy watching birds for their intrinsic value during our our worldwide offered bird watching tours but - as BirdsConTour scientists - also to contribute to gathering data about species identified and similar that will be analysed and then contribute to the preservation of nature in a sustainable way.
In order to become a certified BirdsConTour Scientist, you are welcome to join one of our interesting tours.

Wednesday, 26 April 2017

473 | BirdsConTour - Global Birds Conservation and Tourism


Welcome to BirdsConTour!

As our name suggests we organize birding tours and bird conservation support worldwide.

The BirdsConTour ethos is to offer great sustainable birding tours worldwide and, with ongoing and dedicated social welfare and conservation efforts to support these magnificent creatures and their habitats, so that our valued guests and everybody else will be able to continue to appreciate them and a healthy environment for years to come.

BirdsConTour Online Tour Catalogue

At BirdsConTour we cater to all levels of ability. Although all of our set departure and customized birdwatching tours are designed specifically for viewing birds, our itinerary also provides time wherever possible for other forms of wildlife, culture, sightseeing and time to relax.

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BirdsConTour Conservation

Since its formation in 2000, BirdsConTour has been supporting the conservation of the birds and their habitats in direct and indirect form in order to bring us many hours of sheer birdwatching pleasure.

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BirdsConTour Social Welfare

At BirdsConTour we strongly believe that our natural world needs efficient and healthy social systems in order to be capable of applying sustainable conservation efforts. Therefore we heavily contribute to human well-being, thereby creating a healthy and conservation conscious society.

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Words of Feather Blog

Regularly we release articles about company news, fascinating sightings, our social welfare and conservation support and of course about all the information you need for a world-class birding tour.

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Enjoy birding
S. Rust
S. Rust - BirdsConTour

Sunday, 9 April 2017

472 | Mount Etjo Safari Lodge | More than a mere Lodge


In order to prevent the destruction of any land or to rehabilitate it, economic profitability needs to be linked with sustainable conservation. Tourism is an economic prospect for conservation. 

But tourism is only a valuable tool to conservation once it is managed sustainably with utmost respect for animal, nature and people involved, with no detrimental impact on the land. It then is referred to as sustainable tourism.

Bearing this in mind, Mr. Jan Harm Oelofse, a world-renowned conservationist, famous for his development of a revolutionary mass game capture technique known as "Oelofse Method", founded the Mount Etjo Lodge and Reserve, stretching over 37 000 hectares, together with his wife Annette and son Alex in the 1980's.

Practical Gamedrive Vehicle

Sundowner in the Mount Etjo Reserve

White rhino

Mrs. Annette Oelofse dedicates much of her time and passion to taking care of rhino orphans.

Attention is given to reinvesting tourism income from the lodge in all animals and their habitat, especially in rhino as well as lion conservation.

A Great White Pelican, Egyptian Geese and nesting colony of African Spoonbills.

White-breasted Cormorant

Greater Flamingo

The reserve sustains a great variety of birds. Watching birds at the lodge and identifying them is highly rewarding.

The Oelofse family also founded the Mount Etjo Private School, officially inaugurated by his Excellency Dr. Sam Nujoma in 1993. 

The school accommodates about 30 children from grade 1 - 6 and is funded through the Mount Etjo Safari Lodge.

Annie Tuvahi, receptionist, and Marissa Kotzé, assistant manager, from left to right

BirdsConTour would like to thank Mount Etjo Safari Lodge for efficiently meeting conservation and tourism with a well-earned Social Welfare and Conservation Support 2017 Award, THANK YOU!

Tuesday, 4 April 2017

471 | Mowani is truly a unique destination


The origin word M'Wane means 'Place of God', and the peace and tranquility guests and animals experience here brings true meaning to the words.

This area is the southern most roaming-ground of the rare black rhino and the elusive desert elephant.

Mowani is snugly nestled in-between the majestic boulders on a high spot commanding distant views.

The camp is specifically designed to give the impression of an authentic African Village.

Decorated with furnishings especially designed for comfort and relaxation.

Mowani Mountain Camp in Namibia is no secret anymore and this camp is fast becoming a preferred choice of guests who visit the Twyfelfontein Rock Art. Namibia never ceases to surprise with its sustainable tourism efforts, and the Mowani Mountain Camp is no exception.

Because of the extremely sensitive ecosystem of this Twyfelfontein Conservancy in which this camp has been built, it gives back an artificial small water fountain for the wild birds.

 This water feature offers guests the chance to get up close with the desert-adapted birds like Rosy-faced Lovebirds and Dusky Sunbirds, while enjoying delicious cake and coffee or tea.

Besides this, the camps' contribution in protecting the unique desert-adapted lions and improving the communities' lifestyle through employment and education is truly remarkable and therefore BirdsConTour recognizes Mowani Mountain Camp with a Social Welfare and Conservation Support 2017 Award, Thank You!

Zane (right), the manager, and a member of his dedicated team

Thank You!
The BirdsConTour awards recognize the welfare and conservation efforts of people, initiatives and organizations who support welfare and conservation, no matter to what degree.
It's our way of saying thank you and sharing their support with the world.

A perfect end to the day at Mowani includes the signature sundowner on the rock overlooking the ochre valley.

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