Saturday, 31 October 2015

403 | Reducing animal and car conflicts


A roadkilled goat found on the gravel road between Opuwo and Sesfontein causing a danger for following drivers and scavengers

After BirdsConTour removed the goat from the road. Now secure for drivers and scavengers to clean up the carcass

A roadkill is an animal or animals that have been struck and killed by motor vehicles.
Roadkills are a relatively new source of fatality; and if one were to estimate the entire kilometers of the roads in Namibia, the mortality must mount into the hundreds every 24 hours. Driving without paying attention to animal movement, driving at night and driving at too high speed contribute to the death toll. Unfortunately some drivers intentionally run over insects and reptiles, such as snakes and turtles.
To avoid the growth of a culture of indifference and hopelessness if people learn to ignore lifeless bodies on roads, BirdsConTour starts making a difference by removing at least one dead animal off the road during each tour that BirdsConTour is involved with. Removing animal carcasses, no matter how big or small, from roads BirdsConTour supports public safety because the removal takes away the potential distraction and hazard of the carcass to other motorists. The removal also prevent deaths of further animals that try to feed on the carcass. If possible, BirdsConTour tries to move the carcass to a nearby suitable place where it can be enjoyed in safety by other wildlife, especially by scavengers.
Remember that roadkill removal off the road is a way to support public safety as well as protecting carcass feeding animals. But with the act of removal it is of utmost importance not to pose a threat to people and traffic!

402 | Usable products to assist with rhino protection


The fight against rhino poaching was bolstered in October with the handover of usable items at the Seakopmund Hotel and Entertainment Centre.

BirdsConTour with a few guests from Austria handed over a box full of water bottles, binoculars, a pair of boots and a watch to Mrs. Loraine M. Tjazuko (3rd from left), fundraising & admin manager, from the Save the Rhino Trust for the rhino rangers.

These items will come in handy when rhino rangers are out in the bush protecting the endangered rhinos.

Anti Poaching Crusade with the Support a Rhino Ranger initiative from BirdsConTour means helping these frontline heroes with keeping rhinos safe from poachers. Keeping this Support a Rhino Ranger initiative effective requires many people sponsoring new and gently used clothing, binoculars, sleeping bags, tents, blankets, hats, shoes, torches, headlamps, pocket knives and other usable equipment.

Friday, 30 October 2015

401 | Palmwag Lodge receives three penguins


Sound support of the Palmwag Lodge was recently acknowledged by BirdsConTour.

The Palmwag Lodge, situated within the Palmwag Concession, promotes responsible tourism so that conservation, the residents of the area as well as local and international guests can benefit.

Thus each aspect, welfare, conservation and responsible tourism, earns one penguin, accumulating up to three.

The Palmwag Concession is a vast conservation area of 5,500 square kilometers in the Kunene region of north-western Namibia. 

It is one of the largest private concession areas in the world and provides habitats for a large variety of species, including semi-desert adapted elephants, lions, mountain zebras, giraffes and nearly 70% of the world's largest free roaming population of black rhinos.

It was a privilege for BirdsConTour to honor the Palmwag Lodge with a three penguin-rated Welfare, Conservation & Tourism Support 2015 Award for its commitment to sound conservation practices.

Tuesday, 27 October 2015

400 | International cleaning support


BirdsConTour has created the 'Cleaning the routes traveled' project in 2013 because we know how important clean tourist attractions are to the local tourism industry.
Black garbage bags and a tool for collecting litter are always part of the luggage and wherever time is available and litter is lying around next to the road traveled, a cleaning stop is arranged. Simultaneously this offers a break from the tiring driving and gives everybody the chance to stretch his or her legs while doing something productive.
Guests react very positive to this project and mostly assist in picking up litter.
There is simply no better way of keeping the roads traveled clean and leaves a good impression on the guide, the tour company and finally even on the country and its people.

On the 25th of October BirdsConTour together with Hannes from Austria cleaned the litter around the famous termite mound between Okahandja and Otjiwarongo, while being on a 10 day Namibia tour organized by Gruber Reisen and Pack Safari, led by BirdsConTour.

Saturday, 17 October 2015

396 | Feel swamped by the enormity of the Okavango Delta - MadikubuHouseboat


The Okavango Delta has been declared a UNESCO World Natural Site in 2014.


Sunrise over the Okavango Delta

Heralded as one of the most significant swamps of the world, the Madikubu Houseboat, Madikubu meaning "mother of all hippos", reveals the wilderness of the Okavango Delta.

Tins are crushed

Waste gets separated

Save water

As one of Botswana's few Okavango Delta houseboats, Madikubu provides sustainable and authentic year-round Okavango Delta water experience and therefore has been awarded a one penguin-rated Tourism Support 2015 Award by BirdsConTour.

Proudly receiving the award, Sam Zonga (captain, right) and Barati Mokweto (left)

398 | Odirile Safaris takes three penguins


Odirile Safaris, specializing in offering safaris within Botswana, has been awarded with a three penguin-rated Welfare, Conservation & Tourism Support 2015 Award by BirdsConTour. BK, the owner, received the award at Cresta Riley's in Maun. 

BirdsConTour is impressed by Odirile Safaris's commitment to supporting the Bayei tribe near the Moremi National Park and constantly focusing on making use of guides that are passionate about conservation. These commitments support Odirile Safaris's vision to be a responsible tourism operation.

397 | Good birding at Thamalakane River Lodge


The Thamalakane River Lodge is et in a natural bush environment at the Thamalakane River and is therefore perfectly situated to discover bird life in the Maun area.

For sustainable tourism practices and maintaining a bird friendly garden, BitdsConTour awarded the Thamalakane River Lodge with a two penguin-rated Conservation & Tourism Support 2015 Award.

399 | Tourism Support 2015 Awards


Twelve German guests have been awarded for their support in tourism in Southern Africa.

The awards were handed over to Volker Laible, Gisela Kelch, Uta & Joachim Schäfer, Barbara & Walter Maier, Dorothee Schock-Göckmann & Klaus Göckmann, Dieter Kelch, Peter & Ruth Behrens and Karin Laible (from left to right) on the Dqae Qare San Lodge at the end of their fourteen day tour.
BirdsConTour honored these guests with Tourism Support 2015 Awards because with their participation on this tour they supported our efforts in welfare and conservation through tourism.
Herewith BirdsConTour hopes to motivate more and more guests to support responsible tourism worldwide.
Special thanks to the participants of this exclusive Moremi Tour from Zimbabwe through Botswana to Namibia!

While having picnic lunch next to the road the guide uses this tool to quickly collect some litter - "cleaning the roads traveled". (see article 351)

This honey badger roadkill was found and removed by BirdsConTour to avoid further roadkills of animals trying to feed on this carcass and to even avoid vehicle accidents caused through this roadkill. (see article 344)

395 | Wake up to the sound of birds at the Xaro Lodge


At the Xaro Lodge situated within the panhandle of the Okavango Delta, guests become immersed in a truly African island experience.

Guests can choose between an island walk with good chances of seeing the special Pel's Fishing-Owl or boat cruises watching big game and exciting tropical water birds, or simply relax in the lodge's garden.

Pel's Fishing Owl

Solar Energy 

But what truly sets Xaro Lodge apart is the responsible tourism and the input for conservation that earned it a two penguin-rated Conservation & Tourism Support 2015 Award from BirdsConTour.

Friday, 9 October 2015

394 | In the Zambezi kingdom, the Namushasha River Lodge


Built alongside the leafy river bank of the Kwando River in the Zambezi kingdom, the Namushasha River Lodge offers sustainable tourism. This Gondwana lodge supports the Caprivians with the traditional heritage centre and participates in conservation matters in the adjacent Bwabwata National Park. BirdsConTour honors this input with a three penguin-rated Welfare, Conservation & Tourism Support 2015 Award.

Oh behalf of the lodge, Nicolene and Frieda received the award.