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Art. # 229


Awarding tour participants

Text and photo by Stefan Rust

(In terms of the Geneva Convention the copyright of these texts belong to Stefan Rust)

In this age traveling becomes more and more important to people around the globe. To keep an eye on nature and to balance tourism and nature conservation, BirdsConTour initiated the “Travel gives Wings” division.

By traveling directly with BirdsConTour or making use of a guide from BirdsConTour you support bird conservation and create an economic platform for local livelihoods. Sometimes travelers also participate in another BirdsConTour project. To say THANK YOU, every tour participant receives a Bird & Birder Friendly Award at the end of the tour.


36 German-speaking guests were rewarded with one penguin-rated Bird & Birder Friendly Awards:

Abels Martina
Bischoff Gabriele
Boosmann Christina
Dahle Wendula
Eggers Benno
Fischer Harald
Fürst Carita
Gerlinger Helga
Görlich-Hansen Rudolf
Günther Erika
Harms-Kranich Elke
Henning Kirsten
Jandel Berthold
Jandel Helga
Kaack Anne-Katrin
Klander-Strauß Regine
Kleindienst Ute
Kranich Guido
Kress Birgit
Leyerer Wofgang
Lubahn Ursula
Marx Gisela
Matthiessen Irene
Mende Sabine
Pohl Andrea
Premke Renate
Rettberg Marianne
Santos Sigrid
Schecker Sabine
Schilling Silke
Sinnreich Heike
Stehr Werner
Walther Ulrike
Wogan Imke
Wolschke Carolin
Wolters Antje
Zehnder C.

Two separate tours with members of the Carmina Burana & Africana choir, one to the Onjala Lodge and N/a’an ku se wildlife sanctuary and one to Sun Karros Daan Viljoen, both guided by BirdsConTour, took place on the
11th of March and the 13th of March 2014.

(Please note that all award recipients are listed in an alphabetical order in article 71 “Congratulation” under www.birdscontour.blogspot.com) 

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