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270 | BIRDS IN WORDS EDITORIAL (17.5.-31.5.'14)


Art. # 270
Birds in Words – Editorial (17.05. – 31.05.2014)

The cover page shows a male Kori Bustard (Bird of the Year 2014).
Cover page layout: beeline
Cover page photo: Birgit Leicher
Editor: Stefan Rust

Dear reader,

some more detailed reports on birds, bird matters and fascinating bird conservation and tourism activities are published in articles

262 Blue Planet Namibia Tour reveals Out-Of-Range species
263 BirdsConTour Website,
264 Awards Reminder!,
265 Ngatuve Vatere Orphanage,
266 Cleaning the routes traveled,
267 BirdsConTOUR for conservation,
268 It’s time to show your art skills,
269 BirdsConTour Report and
270 Birds in Words Editorial

available under the blogspot "Birds in Words" www.birdscontour.blogspot.com
It is all about people, conservation and traveling!

Dear conservationist, please remember to contact BirdsConTour for a renewal for your Bird & Birder Friendly award (see expiry date on the award, it expires after one year). Also report any changes that could have an influence on the rating (amount of penguins on your award) of your award.
Find out more about the Guidelines for a Bird & Birder Friendly Award in Birds in Words (www.birdscontour.blogspot.com) article 67. Further information about this initiative is in article 61, 71 and 170.

Kind regards
Stefan Rust
Cell: +264 (0) 81 129 8415
E-mail: birdscontour@iway.na
P.O.Box 5182, Windhoek, Namibia 

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