Tuesday, 19 May 2015

373 | Rhino Hope


Symbolically keeping the rhino in sheltered hands. The May Caprivi Tour members.

With five months of the year gone, the number of rhinos poached so far 2015 is - at 47 - fast increasing and their future is uncertain.
But our support isn't. BirdsConTour founded the Support a Rhino Ranger project and many guests dealing with  BirdsConTour are supporting rhino conservation.
They sponsor shirts, blouses, trousers, socks, jackets, shoes, hats, gloves, headlamps, torches, tents, blankets, binoculars, pocket knives, water bottles and many other items that rhino rangers can use during their rhino protection endeavors.
BirdsConTour thanks all the sponsors, we believe passionately that everyone can make a difference.
BirdsConTour reports in article 354.

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