Sunday, 10 May 2015

366 | Luisa Mentz - a heart for rhinos


Flyer of the Support a Rhino Ranger project.

The visit of Luisa Mentz to Namibia in May this year was a big bargain to the BirdsConTour Support a Rhino Ranger project. Luisa has a passion for wildlife conservation and especially for rhinos.
Although no rhinos have been encountered during her ten day Namibia tour, but a lot was explained about the current miserable rhino situation.
Not only did Luisa listen carefully to everything spoken about the critically endangered rhinos and the endeavors undertaken to protect these precious animals, she also offered her help for charity.
Therefore BirdsConTour engaged Mrs. Luisa Mentz as an agent for the Support a Rhino Ranger project in Berlin, Germany.
This is an initiative by the BirdsConTour Anti Poaching Crusade project and serves as a contribution to the protection of the endangered rhinos. As a BirdsConTour project agent, Luisa will collect new and gently used clothing, binoculars and other usable equipment in Berlin, Germany. BirdsConTour then ships these items to certain countries and donates these to rhino rangers who do the hard and tough frontline work for frequently little merit.
Please contact BirdsConTour directly or Luisa Mentz,, in Berlin, Germany, for donations.
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