Friday, 27 March 2015

386 | Congratulation to our prizewinner - Ethan Kruger


Namibia's bird of the year - the House Sparrow.

BirdsConTour ran a successful Bird of the Year 2015 competition from January to June 2015. BirdsConTour reported in article 310 and 343. 

In order to promote the House Sparrow as Namibia's bird of the year, BirdsConTour handed out bookmarks, generously designed by Birgit Leicher from beeline design. 

During a visit to the Delta Kindergarten BirdsConTour read the interested children a children's book that writes about the bird of the year. 

After that, the children painted the House Sparrow and thereafter a nesting box for the House Sparrow, constructed out of scrap by BirdsConTour, was placed in the garden.

Many people from around the world participated in the contest. Especially children had lots of fun showing their talents drawing Namibia's bird of the year. 

The lucky draw gave anyone who handed in an own photo of the House Sparrow (drawn or photographed) the chance to win the book Gardening for birds, planting and projects to entice birds to your garden written by Tracey Hawthorne and illustrated by Verné.
On June 5 the draw was held and the number 3 has been pulled. Number 3 is the drawing by Ethan Kruger.

Prizewinner Ethan Kruger with his excellent drawing and his prize.
Ethan is an avid birder and looks forward to attract even more birds to his family's garden under the instructions of his new won book.

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