Sunday, 22 March 2015

346 | Eco-friendly tours with Catamaran Charters


Namibia not only offers activities on land and in the skies, but also in the water. 

At the coast in Walvisbay, Catamaran Charters offers marine cruises to watch seals, dolphins, marine bird life and other marine life. Catamaran Charters strives to be a responsible organization, being aware that by treading lightly enables their guests to experience and enjoy the marine life completely, knowing that by doing so they leave nothing behind except a respected nature and good experiences. This is done with the goal that when their guests return, the marine life will be as spectacular as they remember and left it.

For being a responsible tour operator, Catamaran Charters was awarded with a  BirdsConTour two penguin-rated Conservation & Tourism Support 2015 Award.

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