Tuesday, 31 March 2015

343 | Bookmark promotes Bird of the Year


The House Sparrow is Namibia's Bird of the Year 2015. Though it is widespread in the world and abundant, its numbers have declined in many areas, especially in cities. This situation should alert us because in many areas the House Sparrow is strongly associated with human habitations.
Taking into consideration how fast cities in Namibia are growing (article #310), BirdsConTour acts in advance to prevent a decrease in the Namibian House Sparrow population.

In order to promote the House Sparrow as Bird of the Year, BirdsConTour hands out a bookmark, designed by beeline design, showing all birds of the year since starting with this project in 2013. The reverse side of the bookmark explains a lucky draw, how anyone can participate, when the draw takes place and what the prize is.

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