Thursday, 12 March 2015

369 | Jumping high at Ngatuve Vatere Orphanage


Did you know that jumping on a trampoline is one of the best forms of exercise there is? It strengthens the heart and enhances respiratory and circulatory efficiency. It burns more calories than jogging and last, but not least, trampoline exercise is fun and relaxing. One doesn't need any special skills or training and one can do it anytime, anywhere, whenever it fits into ones schedule. There is no need to travel to the gym, pay for classes or a personal trainer. Wow! A trampoline is the ideal device for orphan children in Africa, Namibia.
Tharefore BirdsConTour took the initiative and organized a secondhand trampoline, did some necessary repairs, and handed it over as a gift to the happy children of the Ngatuve Vatere Orphanage. For most orphanage children it was the first time in their life experiencing the joy of jumping on a trampoline.

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