Monday, 9 March 2015

331 | BirdsConTour Chicken Coop for your pest control needs

On farms ticks tend to stick on livestock, becoming a pest.

An ideal tick-eater is the Helmeted Guineafowl, roaming far and wide. However not always enough Guineas are around to do the pest control job and therefore having the chickens roaming instead is much appreciated. 

All common chicken descend from the Red Junglefowl - a wild bird originating from the jungles of Asia. As much as they fed on bugs, snakes, fruit, seeds, greenery and small rodents, so does every modern chicken. And yet chickens are often expected to thrive on stale corn, soy and grain mixed with mineral supplements, antibiotics and vegetable oil waste. But because chickens are not that defensive against predators and chickens forage for insects closer to the gardens and buildings and being natural roosters that prefer having a piece of shelter to consider their home, they must be controlled. Thus an ideal solution is of having a mobile containment unit that keeps predators out and allows the responsible person to choose where the chickens shall forage. 
In case of free ranging chicken you need a mobile coop. This mobile coop can be positioned nearby the herd of livestock that needs to be treated against ticks. 

Release the chickens in the morning while the herd of livestock is still in an enclosure to roam freely on tick patrol and you will be surprised how many ticks they eat (chickens are not vegetarians). In addition chickens are entertaining, they provide flavorful, nutritious eggs and meat, their nitrogen-rich droppings they produce will help your vegetation flourish and chickens provide outstanding mosquito, slug and snail control.

To assist you in your pest control needs, BirdsConTour has designed and developed an easy-to-handle portable and mobile 900 x 900 - 50k chicken coop. With chicken in this coop it can even be used to cut your lawn. Once the chickens have exhausted the section of grass where the coop is positioned, you easily move it to a new section of grass, as you push a wheelbarrow.

Please note that this practical BirdsConTour Chicken Coop is on order only.


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