Monday, 16 March 2015

333 | Penduka Namibia


Now celebrating more than 22 years of operation, Penduka is a dedicated welfare organization.

Widely recognized as supporting Namibian culture, Penduka is a cultural shopping experience, on-site production of embroidery, batik, pottery, beads and jewellery, wire and bead craft.

Guests can spend time at Penduka while enjoying tea, lunch and dinner, traditional alcoholic beverages, relaxing on the terrace with a view of the dam, birdwatching, visiting the traditional museum or expressing your creativity.

One can even experience true Namibian culture, like traditional music, dancing and story-telling.

Penduka even offers community based tourism - bungalows, restaurant, conferences, traditional lunches and evenings, backpacker units and barbecue facilities.

BirdsConTour recognised this hard work with a two penguin-rated Welfare & Tourism Support 2015 Award.

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