Thursday, 23 April 2015

354 | Support a Rhino Ranger

(An initiative by the BirdsConTour Anti Poaching Crusade project)

In protecting the endangered rhinos, the women and men on the frontlines are perhaps the most important people. These rangers work hard and don't earn that much.
Therefore BirdsConTour collects new and gently used clothing, binoculars and other usable equipment and donates these to Rhino Rangers, these frontline heroes that work hard for frequently little merit.

These informative flyers were generously designed by beeline design, operated by Mrs. Birgit Leicher.

Your donation will help Rangers to stop rhino poaching. By now wildlife crime is the most critical threat to rhinos!
All five remaining rhino species on earth, White -, Black -, Indian -, Javan - and Sumatran rhinoceros, are listed as threatened species by the IUCN (International Union for Conservation of Nature), with three species classified as critically endangered. In 2011 the IUCN declared the Western Black rhino as extinct, the primary cause being poaching.
Figures below show the dramatic escalation of rhino poaching in South Africa over the past few years:
2007 -     13
2008 -     83
2009 -   122
2010 -   333
2011 -   448
2012 -   668
2013 - 1004
2014 - 1215 

This problem is by no means isolated to South Africa but is surging across the entire African continent and is a constant threat to rhinos in Asia. Mainly Vietnam and China are the largest consumers, using the illegal traded rhino horn to treat a wide range of sufferings, from cancer and impotence to hangovers.

The high price for the horn, around $60 000 per kilogram, attracts brutal criminal syndicates and disastrous activities.
If this dramatic escalation in poaching continues at this rate, then rhino deaths overtake births in the next three years, leading to rhinos going extinct in the very near future.

Through supporting rhino rangers, BirdsConTour contributes to rhino conservation.

BirdsConTour would like to thank all supporters worldwide!
Our deepest appreciation goes to:
beeline design, Namibia
Pack Safari, Namibia
Luisa Mentz, Germany
Diane Spatz, Germany
Patrick Wagner, Germany

Please note that this list gets updated regularly!

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