Tuesday, 14 April 2015

352 | Giel Steenkamp receives a BirdsConTour award


Mr. Giel Steenkamp showing a Mesosaurus fossil to guests.

Two perfectly conserved Mesosaurus fossils.

Due to the good protection by Mr. Steenkamp guests can enjoy these beautiful fossil pieces.

Quiver tree talk

Not only is Mr. Steenkamp the oldest living fossil at the Mesosaurus Fossil Park on his farm, as he says himself laughingly, but is he a great music performer, playing the unique 'dolomite rock instrument' for his visitors.
This beautiful statue is set up in Keetmanshoop as a reminder of the importance of the karakul sheep industry for Namibia.

Retired karakul sheep farmer and Mesosaurus Fossil expert, Mr. Giel Steenkamp, in recognition of his long-term service of leading tourists to the Mesosaurus Fossils and in recognition of his long-term efforts to ensure the protection of these fossils, was presented with a one penguin-rated Tourism Support 2015 Award.

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