Saturday, 11 April 2015

349 | Terra Africa Hospitality supports Namibia's Bird of the Year 2015


With the House Sparrow elected as Namibia's Bird of the Year 2015, as an ambassador of ever growing cities, the Birds Conservation & Tourism organization (BirdsConTour) donated a complete wild bird support station with a food starter pack to terra Africa hospitality. 

Together with the manager of the Terra Africa Pebble Stone House in Swakopmund BirdsConTour set it up in their garden. 

The guests of Pebble Stone House can now indulge in wild bird photography and observation in this bird friendly garden.

With this wild bird support station Namibia's bird of the year 2015, the House Sparrow, amongst various other
species, gets supported. As an ambassador of ever growing cities the House Sparrow reminds the citizens to live and build bird friendly in their city environment, avoiding the House Sparrow and other species becoming endangered.

For this support the Pebble Stone House received a BirdsConTour two penguin-rated Conservation & Tourism Support 2015 Award.

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