Wednesday, 8 April 2015

353 | My Tour, My Country, My Planet #1


Every tour counts!

Every time BirdsConTour leads a tour, we give something back. 
This time it was the Etosha Tour, a Namibia round trip organized by Chamäleon Reisen and Pack Safari and led by BirdsConTour.

Tour members participated in cleaning the area around a often visited termite mound and the picnic site at the big Fish River bridge (BirdsConTour reports in article 351).

BirdsConTour removes roadkills, no matter how big or small, off the roads in order to support public safety and to prevent deaths of further animals that get attracted to such roadkills (BirdsConTour reports in article 344).

Filling the country wide lack of insufficient owl nesting possibilities, BirdsConTour erected an owl house on the Omandumba Guestfarm yard 
(BirdsConTour reports in article 345).

The Hotel A-la-Mer in Swakopmund supports the BirdsConTour Namibia Bird of the Year 2015 promotion by selling the according bookmarks at their reception (BirdsConTour reports in article 348).

BirdsConTour rewards responsible Atlantic Ocean tourism (BirdsConTour reports in article 346).

An award has been handed over to the J.P. Brand Primary School (BirdsConTour reports in article 347).

Fence hiking saves animals (BirdsConTour reports in article 350). While fence hiking BirdsConTour discovered this wire loop attached to the fence at a game path and removed it. Wire loops are used by poachers to catch animals.

Mesosaurus Fossil expert Mr. Giel Steenkamp was recognized with this award (BirdsConTour reports in article 352).

Unfortunately BirdsConTour stepped in too late in an effort to save this warthog from being killed brutally by poachers (BirdsConTour reports in article 350).
In early 2014 BirdsConTour founded the Anti-Poaching Crusade project (BirdsConTour reports in article 213).

By having supported responsible and sustainable tourism, each participant of this completed Etosha Tour, organized by Chamäleon Reisen and Pack Safari and led by BirdsConTour, received a one penguin-rated Tourism Support 2015 Award from BirdsConTour.

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