Friday, 17 April 2015

350 | Anti-Poaching Crusade - Fence hiking to save animals


A wire loop attached to a fence at a game path

The endless kilometers of fences in certain countries are already a challenge to patrol by car. Hiking alongside these fences is something completely different. BirdsConTour regularly tackles the challenge of rocky, sandy and stony dirt tracks and scorching temperatures, no matter summer or winter. And this with a mission. These dirt tracks alongside the many kilometers of fences are hiked with one goal in mind: to save these countries' animals. As an initiative of the Anti-Poaching Crusade project from BirdsConTour, a responsible and sustainable tour operator also concentrating on welfare and conservation projects, these fence hikings are used to find and remove wire loops attached to fences by poachers. Another goal is to use the fence hikings to raise an awareness regarding the alarming increase in animal poaching.
Fence hiking across a country's landscape, where animals roam, also comes as a healthy way of exercise, especially while being on tour sitting and driving hours on end.

BirdsConTour observes that a large proportion of poachings occur around fences. Not only are traps and snares set along fence lines but, as recently experienced, poachers are chasing down wildlife against fences. In this case poachers chased a warthog to exhaustion against a fence by vehicle and then the poachers brutally hit it to death with a wooden fence pole. Unfortunately BirdsConTour couldn't step in at time to save the warthog.
BirdsConTour's operation structure is designed to put something back into countries travelled through welfare and conservation projects.
(BirdsConTour reports about its Anti-Poaching Crusade project in article 213)

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