Sunday, 31 July 2016

453 | SMILES - Divava Okavango Lodge


Boat cruise on the Okavango River

SMILES! When you come to Divava Okavango Lodge, this is what you encounter at the reception, in the restaurant and on the guided excursions.

Supplying organic food

Please keep the environment clean

But the lodge not only puts emphasis on friendliness, but also on organic food supply through its own garden, on supporting a clean environment and on supporting the local community.

Erastus Kambathi (local guide), Jeanetha Vries (receptionist) and Keafas Ndjago (assistant general manager and beverage and food manager) (from left to right)

Therefore BirdsConTour assigned three out of three penguins with a Welfare, Conservation and Tourism Support 2016 Award to the Divava Okavango Lodge


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