Sunday, 24 July 2016

451 | Joy for biodiversity and guests - Vreugde Guestfarm


Guided drives are offered into the Etosha NP. and over the farm

The bird-friendly garden

Don't only consider a guided tour to the nearby Etosha National Park, but do participate on a tour over the farm to become familiar with cattle and sheep farming in Namibia and observe some of the indigenous wildlife, such as warthogs, steenbok, kudus and a great variety of bird species.

On farms, such as the 3300 hectare sized Vreugde Guestfarm, livestock is certainly necessary for stimulating grass growth through controlled grazing and simultaneously the livestock transfers fertility to plants around the farm through manure.

If controlled grazing practices together with the appropriate rest periods after grazing are applied the involvement of grassland and livestock on a farm is a sustainable system of organic production.

Since 1935 grassland and livestock farming is implemented on this farm and since 2001 guests can experience these interesting practices on Vreugde Guestfarm which earns the guestfarm a two penguin-rated Conservation and Tourism Support 2016 Award from BirdsConTour.

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