Thursday, 14 July 2016

447 | Birdie Snacks - helping less well-off people via animal welfare


With this project BirdsConTour supports people in particularly difficult situations to help themselves. People who can prove need can contact BirdsConTour.

These vulnerable people will receive a complimentary starter pack.

This package consists of several Birdie Snack packs, one mobile and weatherproof bird feeding table which can be filled with the snack inserts, a notebook and a pen. The Birdie Snacks each include six different types of food for wild garden birds. From the proceeds of the snacks and bird feeding tables sold, which customers can hang or stand in their gardens, these vulnerable sellers receive a certain percentage as revenue and with the rest they replenish their stock from BirdsConTour.

With this Birdie Snacks project BirdsConTour and the helpful buyers of these products are helping not only citizens in need but they also perform a valuable service to the protection of birds. Animal protection is important in this destruction of nature caused by the constant growth of many settlements.

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