Friday, 15 July 2016

448 | Why to turn your garden into a private nature reserve, formingurban wildlife corridors


Southern Yellow-billed Hornbill at feeder

Dramatically fast growing Windhoek, capital of Namibia

While we cannot stop the urbanisation that is gradually pushing wildlife out of cities and other settlements, hopefully more and more citizens create a green infrastructure in the form of bird-friendly gardens, referred to as urban conservation.

Grey Go-away-bird at water table

Every garden is a nature reserve waiting to happen, offering not only bird life a refuge but such green spaces provide habitat for other wildlife.

Pale-winged Starling feeding chick with small snake

Many neighboring garden nature reserves function as biodiversity corridors and through being linked such corridors create interconnectivity. This again supports in the case of cities having only isolated green islands.
With the sale of a new wooden and handmade range of birdfeeders and other helpful bird products, blending in with the outdoors, BirdsConTour supports citizens in their endeavors to attract birds to their gardens, their private nature reserves.

Seed Feeder

Corn Feeder

Sunflower and Peanut Feeder

Fruit Feeder

Nectar Feeder

Suet Feeder

Porridge Feeder

Water Trough (hanging)

Water Table

Dust Bath

Nest Material Dispenser

Nest Box

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