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A generous fund led to Private School Elnatan receiving a Bird & Birder Friendly Award

Photos and text by Stefan Rust

(In terms of the Geneva Convention the copyright of these texts belongs to Stefan Rust)

Together with the principal of the private school, Mr. Hugo Vermeulen, Louisa and Malcolm Campbell are responsible for many excited pupil at the Private School Elnatan by having had the idea of getting BirdsConTour to register the school as a bird and birder friendly establishment.


As being parents of two children visiting this school in Stampriet, Louisa and Malcolm decided to fund this project, based on creating a bird and birder friendly habitat for wild birds and educational purposes.

On the 18th of June bird conservation and tourism (BirdsConTour) erected one Wild Bird Support Station on the school ground.

The idea is not only to support the wild birds in the neighborhood but also to teach the pupils that the only way to conserve birds is by undertaking action projects. After completion, pupils learnt more about birdlife and conservation during a short presentation at the station. Many of the children are already keen bird watchers and some teachers intend to refill the necessary items on a daily basis every morning together with the kids. It was a delight seeing the enjoyment and excitement on the children’s faces as they listened and asked questions.

Private School Elnatan intends focusing on educating the pupils about birdlife and bird conservation. Therefore the Wild Bird Support Station comes in very handy.

Widely known as being a fine birding destination, Stampriet now becomes even more pronounced in the birding community with the Private School Elnatan been rewarded with a two penguin-rated Bird & Birder Friendly Award funded by Louisa and Malcolm Campbell from Lovedale Farm Holidays. The principal Mr. Hugo Vermeulen received this Award.

BirdsConTour hopes that more schools will follow this exemplary action.

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