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Farm Gamkarab offers “Birding on Horseback” as an activity

Photos and text by Stefan Rust

(In terms of the Geneva Convention the copyright of these texts belongs to Stefan Rust)


As truly Namibian farmers with a passion for their beautiful farm and its nature, Charles and Yvette Dall registered with their camping facility and farm as a bird and birder friendly establishment to enhance sustainability and to preserve their bird life for themselves and for their guests to enjoy.

Today the historic Farm Gamkarab, a Bushman word meaning “Water Hole”, offers self-catering camping sites for guests, in earlier times the farm hosted Bushman and Dorslandtrekkers.

As part of the various activities on offer, bird watchers visiting Farm Gamkarab can participate on “Birding on horseback”. With this exciting activity and new way of birding a big area can be covered and offers an alternative to driving, considerably enhancing efficiency while reducing the carbon footprint.

                                     Bird and birder friendly campsite                                 Bird friendly water place 

For its sustainable birdlife management, Farm Gamkarab is recognized as a bird & birder friendly setup. Mindful of the potential dangers that water places could pose to birds and other wildlife and the influence of man-made infrastructure, Charles and Yvette employ sustainable bird habitat management practices and continue to benchmark their operations by measuring and improving birdlife on the criteria of the different “penguin ratings” as guidelines. 

Charles & Yvette Dall with their two penguin rated Bird & Birder Friendly award

The results of this commitment to sustainability of birdlife have been that Charles & Yvette Dall from Farm Gamkarab today got rewarded with a two penguin rated Bird & Birder Friendly Award from bird conservation and tourism (BirdsConTour). CONGRATULATIONS!

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