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A clean example

Photos and text by Stefan Rust

(In terms of the Geneva Convention the copyright of these texts belongs to Stefan Rust)

“BirdsConTour for a cleaner bird habitat” is a clean example of a functioning project of the divisions “Input gives Wings” and “Travel gives Wings” managed by BirdsConTour.

The aim of the project is to reduce the negative effects of litter and other pollutants on bird life by cleaning the environment and sensitizing the community.

The project was launched on the 11. May 2013 by the founder of BirdsConTour Stefan Rust in Okaukuejo, Etosha National Park. This event was published in the article no. 75 under

It is of paramount importance to take action with the “BirdsConTour for a cleaner bird habitat” project because litter in nature does not only spoil the landscape but also presents danger for wildlife and bird life. BirdsConTour therefore sets the goal with this project to clean the environment and to keep it clean towards conserving, protecting and caring for the birds.

“BirdsConTour for a cleaner bird habitat” is a true manifestation of the ability and commitment of the helpers of BirdsConTour to take care of the bird life. The coordinator of the project, Mr. Stefan Rust, arranged a second cleaning session on the 29th of May. This time seven tour members from Germany helped in collecting litter in the Okaukuejo Rest Camp in the Etosha NP. All the plastic lying around could have been blown by the wind out into the reach of animals and strings and similar can be collected by birds such as the Sociable Weavers to use as nest building material, forming slings resulting in the death of our feathered friends when trapped in them.

Looking at what has been collected during this session, the helpers felt proud in having been part in the effort of giving wings, meaning to save birds. This collective achievement through these seven guests – Michaela, Monika, Carla, Barbara & Michael and Conny & Werner – is highly recognized.

The two BirdsConTour divisions “Travel gives Wings” and “Input gives Wings” plan to focus on protecting our unique bird life through “BirdsConTour for a cleaner bird habitat” sessions while being on tour.

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