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Rating and marketing bird and birder friendly establishments

Photos and Text from Stefan Rust

(In terms of the Geneva Convention the copyright of these texts belong to Stefan Rust)

Bird life is a non-renewable resource and as such it needs to be treated, keeping in mind that there are limits to utilization.

The modern bird watcher of today has a greater sense of awareness, is environmentally conscious and travels to Africa not for residing in palaces with heated toilet seats, but to experience the rich avifauna this continent has on offer. Most prefer staying in establishments that have the most active and viable bird conservation and birder friendly practices. Times are gone where birders seek camps, lodges and hotels that use the star system, offering all the modern conveniences, knowing that all this luxury comes at a cost, mostly leaving large footprints.

BirdsConTour is guided by sincere bird conservation principles. Wild birds instead of stars

Supporting this positive change and because the birding industry has seen substantial growth in size and scope over the past, BirdsConTour (Bird Conservation and Tourism) has launched a new measurement system that bases the grading of an establishment on the size of its bird and birder friendly practices. Similar to the star symbol award, BirdsConTour rewards establishments that are taking care of the local bird life and its habitat and offer adequate services to bird watchers.

BirdsConTour developed this bird & birder friendly award program being guided by a sincere bird conservation vision.
Already there are tourist destinations in Namibia consistently receiving global recognition from the birding tourism industry by showing their bird & birder friendly award compiled by BirdsConTour.

To qualify for a bird & birder friendly award, contact BirdsConTour Tel. +264 (0)81 129 8415; e-mail: or visit for more information.

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