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058 | BIRDSCONTOUR REPORT (22.03.'13 - 02.04.'13)

BIRDSCONTOUR REPORT (22.03.'13 – 02.04.’13)

Text from Stefan Rust

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Dear birding friends, 

as birdwatching is a relatively new and one of the fastest growing and a most popular pursuit, it attracts people of all ages around the world. There can hardly be a better place than southern Africa (Namibia, Botswana, Zimbabwe, Mozambique, Swaziland, Lesotho, South Africa) to nurture an interest in birds as it supports almost 1000 bird species, which is about 10 per cent of the world's entire bird. Taking birding to new heights, Hobby-Ornithologist Stefan Rust together with BirdsConTour represents some of the ontour bird sightings and several other interesting birding aspects to showcase the fun of birding, promote citizen science, highlight conservation, indicate where to view what birds and raise awareness of southern Africa's (sometimes international) birds and their habitats. 

BirdsConTour Report (Namibia) Personal Highlights: 

COLUMN (monthly in the tourism attachment of the Allgemeine Zeitung)

Have a quick look if you, your site or neighborhood is included in this scientific informational work (alphabetically arranged): 

Allgemeine Zeitung (Wiebke Schmidt)
Hattingh Elvira (Republikein journalist)
Lake Oanob Resort
Republikein Newspaper (Elvira Hattingh)
Schmidt Wiebke

Distance traveled: 260 km

22.03.'13  Republikein newspaper, Windhoek  Article BirdsConTour in partnership now offers unbeatable birding tours providing you with the trip of a lifetime, combining exceptional service with unforgettable experiences.
Mrs. Elvira Hattingh wrote and published a marvelous press release on the 22nd of March this year explaining this exciting new BirdsConTour project to the public in the article “BirdsConTour bied ‘n toer deur Namibia”.
The tourism sector of BirdsConTour contributes to the financial support for bird conservation arranged by the same organization. Traveling with BirdsConTour makes the guest a supporter of conservation.

22.03.'13  Windhoek, 35 km south on B1  Secretary Bird (1) As the needed habitat for survival of this species is open grassland with scattered trees or bushes and open acacia savanna, the future population density of this bird will be interesting and important to observe because of the threat resulting from the seemingly ever increasing bush encroachment in Namibia.
Being the only member of this family. It would be a pity if the survival of this bird becomes threatened.
A suitable description of its looks would be: like a cross between a stork and a raptor.

23.03.’13  Lake Oanob Resort, Rehoboth  Common Ostrich (4) The Common Ostrich is the Bird of the Year 2013, Namibia. Since this project is launched in Namibia for the first time ever, a bird was chosen that is familiar to the public. Awareness about this project is and will be created through interviews and articles in the media. The 2013 Bird of the Year serves as an important conservation work and is proudly organized and funded by BirdsConTour. See for details.

24.03.’13  Lake Oanob Resort, Rehoboth  South African Shelduck (2) This species is an important indicator of disturbance levels in their distribution area. During a two-day visit with intensive birding done, only two individuals were seen, early in the morning in flight, before the disturbance factor started. The distribution of this species synchronizes quite heavily with the existence of the aardvark, because it makes use of the deserted holes of this animal as nesting site. The extremely low numbers of this shy and wary bird at this relatively large dam with a strategic convenient position indicate a high disturbance level for this species.

24.03.’13  Lake Oanob Resort, Rehoboth  Red-billed Teal (1) Although the habitat is suitable for this bird and usually on a sight like this they are present in their hundreds and sometimes thousands, only one individual was observed, also only in flight.
Various bird and birder friendly establishments throughout our bird-rich country showcase how important healthy bird life on sight is. Bird life is a tremendous pulling power when it gets to attract guests. When the density of birds is high, many visitors opt to simply spend a relaxed stay, binoculars and camera to hand, in a partly protected nature at a certain establishment, watching the diligent birds and knowing conservation is attended to.

27.04.’13  Republikein Newspaper, Windhoek  Article For the supporting articles of journalist Mrs. Elvira Hattingh in the Republikein Newspaper, BirdsConTour decided to thank her with a Bird & Birder Friendly Award. Her precious work is really appreciated! The last published article in the Republikein of her was “BirdsConTour bied n toer deur Namibia”.

02.04.’13  Allgemeine Zeitung, Windhoek  Column Thanks to the support of Mrs. Wiebke Schmidt, BirdsConTour today started a monthly column on Namibian wild birds (Namibias Wildvögel) in the tourism attachment (Tourismus Beilage) of the German Allgemeine Zeitung. A big THANK YOU goes to Mrs. Wiebke Schmidt and in appreciation a BirdsConTour award was handed to her on the 26th of March 2013.

Enjoy Birding, 
Stefan Rust
Please note: Most scientific information has been taken from Roberts Birds of Southern Africa, V11th edition!
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