Sunday, 22 February 2015

326 | Thank you - I am pleased, honored and humbled


Photo by Birgit Leicher

What a way to recognize my contributions and a hard year's work with the Chamäleon Reisen Tour Guide Award 2014, thank you so much!

With so many of you having contributed to me qualifying for this honor, I thank you all for this recognition.

My parents Heidi & Argo Rust

First and foremost, I would like to thank my parents for unconsciously paving my way while being a child for my career as a future tour guide. As a tour guide being an ambassador for not only Namibia but for Africa in general and being out there in Africa's wilderness is a dream come true.

Prize in 2012

For being rewarded the second time, first in 2012, with the Chamäleon Reisen Tour Guide Award for 2014 is a great honor and a privilege, so thank you Chamäleon Reisen.

Small part of the Pack Safari fleet

I would like to thank both well organized and truly outstanding tour companies, Chamäleon Reisen and Pack Safari, whose leaderships, visions and well maintained vehicles steered me while being on tour in Africa throughout the year. And to the amazing staff. It was and still is a pleasure coming to your offices (new ones at Pack Safari) and dealing with such lovely and engaging people. I appreciate the opportunity to work with these organizations where people care about quality and commitment.

To my fellow colleagues, I really thought it was going to be one of you, I feel certain many of you also qualify for this honor; nonetheless, I am thrilled.

Last and definitely not least, to my daughter Leni, thank you for being so outstanding brave! Dad always carries you in his heart, no matter where I am.
To Birgit Leicher, my appreciated partner, my lovely motivator and biggest supporter with my business BirdsConTour, our love is what propelled me through the year. I love you!

For all my guests from all over the world and clients in whatever way, you all know who you are, I am truly grateful for your contribution to this great and unexpected honor.

Thank you - I am pleased, honored and humbled.

Yours sincerely 
Stefan Rust
(BirdsConTour proprietor and freelance tour guide)

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