Monday, 2 February 2015

313 | Input gets awarded


One of the greatest pleasures of having a garden in your surrounding, no matter what its size, is the birds that visit it.

But to attract the birds to such a garden, it needs to fulfill the birds' needs: food, water, nest sites and shelter.
Family Rust and Sauber as well as Bührmann & Partners Consulting Engineers, especially to mention Mr. Sigi Teetz, agree that enjoying the birds that visit their garden means hearing their dawn chorus or spotting them picking food, bathing in a birdbath or busily carrying nesting materials.

Mrs. Lara & Mr. Kurt Rust

Mrs. Birgit & Mr. Kurt Sauber

Mr. Sigi Teetz from Bührmann & Partners

By way of thanks for their endeavors in regard of maintaining bird-friendly gardens, BirdsConTour presented a one penguin-rated Conservation Support 2015 Award to each of the bird friends.

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