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472 | Mount Etjo Safari Lodge | More than a mere Lodge


In order to prevent the destruction of any land or to rehabilitate it, economic profitability needs to be linked with sustainable conservation. Tourism is an economic prospect for conservation. 

But tourism is only a valuable tool to conservation once it is managed sustainably with utmost respect for animal, nature and people involved, with no detrimental impact on the land. It then is referred to as sustainable tourism.

Bearing this in mind, Mr. Jan Harm Oelofse, a world-renowned conservationist, famous for his development of a revolutionary mass game capture technique known as "Oelofse Method", founded the Mount Etjo Lodge and Reserve, stretching over 37 000 hectares, together with his wife Annette and son Alex in the 1980's.

Practical Gamedrive Vehicle

Sundowner in the Mount Etjo Reserve

White rhino

Mrs. Annette Oelofse dedicates much of her time and passion to taking care of rhino orphans.

Attention is given to reinvesting tourism income from the lodge in all animals and their habitat, especially in rhino as well as lion conservation.

A Great White Pelican, Egyptian Geese and nesting colony of African Spoonbills.

White-breasted Cormorant

Greater Flamingo

The reserve sustains a great variety of birds. Watching birds at the lodge and identifying them is highly rewarding.

The Oelofse family also founded the Mount Etjo Private School, officially inaugurated by his Excellency Dr. Sam Nujoma in 1993. 

The school accommodates about 30 children from grade 1 - 6 and is funded through the Mount Etjo Safari Lodge.

Annie Tuvahi, receptionist, and Marissa Kotzé, assistant manager, from left to right

BirdsConTour would like to thank Mount Etjo Safari Lodge for efficiently meeting conservation and tourism with a well-earned Social Welfare and Conservation Support 2017 Award, THANK YOU!

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