Tuesday, 4 April 2017

471 | Mowani is truly a unique destination


The origin word M'Wane means 'Place of God', and the peace and tranquility guests and animals experience here brings true meaning to the words.

This area is the southern most roaming-ground of the rare black rhino and the elusive desert elephant.

Mowani is snugly nestled in-between the majestic boulders on a high spot commanding distant views.

The camp is specifically designed to give the impression of an authentic African Village.

Decorated with furnishings especially designed for comfort and relaxation.

Mowani Mountain Camp in Namibia is no secret anymore and this camp is fast becoming a preferred choice of guests who visit the Twyfelfontein Rock Art. Namibia never ceases to surprise with its sustainable tourism efforts, and the Mowani Mountain Camp is no exception.

Because of the extremely sensitive ecosystem of this Twyfelfontein Conservancy in which this camp has been built, it gives back an artificial small water fountain for the wild birds.

 This water feature offers guests the chance to get up close with the desert-adapted birds like Rosy-faced Lovebirds and Dusky Sunbirds, while enjoying delicious cake and coffee or tea.

Besides this, the camps' contribution in protecting the unique desert-adapted lions and improving the communities' lifestyle through employment and education is truly remarkable and therefore BirdsConTour recognizes Mowani Mountain Camp with a Social Welfare and Conservation Support 2017 Award, Thank You!

Zane (right), the manager, and a member of his dedicated team

Thank You!
The BirdsConTour awards recognize the welfare and conservation efforts of people, initiatives and organizations who support welfare and conservation, no matter to what degree.
It's our way of saying thank you and sharing their support with the world.

A perfect end to the day at Mowani includes the signature sundowner on the rock overlooking the ochre valley.

Find more info about the camp under www.mowani.com

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