Saturday, 18 June 2016

445 | The place back in history


The Kalahari Farmhouse oozes with history all around the old farm kitchen style.
The fascination is not only the attractive farm-style accommodation.

Behind the chalets, vineyards stretch across the land, pigs and cattle are kept on the pastures and hothouses, a butchery and a smokehouse are operated on this 34 hectare property. The secret of these operations in this Kalahari Desert environment is an artesian-well. This property is the Gondwana Self Sufficiency Centre (SSC) which supplies 70% of the Gondwana's accommodation establishments. And even more importantly, it provides much-needed job-opportunities.

BirdsConTour awarded Kalahari Farmhouse with a well-earned three penguin-rated Welfare,Conservation and Tourism Support 2016 Award.

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