Sunday, 1 November 2015

404 | Austrian guests make a difference


Lunch at the Kunene River

Visiting a Welwitschia mirabilis. From left to right: Manfred Steinkellner, Viktor Pirker, Bonaventura Bodner, Alfred Maier, Kurt Grünewald, Hannes Strand, Franz Starz, Friedrich Ibounig, Katharina & Janez Pipp, Rita Ibounig, Matthäus & Maria Grilc, Anna Nimmerfall, Ursula Strand, Elfriede & Gerolf Baumgartner, Magdalena Grünewald

BirdsConTour supports sustainable tourism since many years. This time having guided guests from Austria (organized by Gruber Reisen and Pack Safari) through Namibia. The route led from Windhoek to the Etosha National Park, through the remote Kaokoveld (one of the harshest climate zones on the continent) up to the Epupa Falls (bordering Angola), down to the coast, passing through the Skeleton Coast National Park and enjoying the biggest sand sea in the world - Sossusvlei. These guests contributed to BirdsConTour's on-going struggle for wildlife protection and making a difference in local people's lives.

For their support BirdsConTour honored these 18 Austrian guests each with a one penguin-rated Tourism Support 2015 Award.

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