Friday, 30 October 2015

401 | Palmwag Lodge receives three penguins


Sound support of the Palmwag Lodge was recently acknowledged by BirdsConTour.

The Palmwag Lodge, situated within the Palmwag Concession, promotes responsible tourism so that conservation, the residents of the area as well as local and international guests can benefit.

Thus each aspect, welfare, conservation and responsible tourism, earns one penguin, accumulating up to three.

The Palmwag Concession is a vast conservation area of 5,500 square kilometers in the Kunene region of north-western Namibia. 

It is one of the largest private concession areas in the world and provides habitats for a large variety of species, including semi-desert adapted elephants, lions, mountain zebras, giraffes and nearly 70% of the world's largest free roaming population of black rhinos.

It was a privilege for BirdsConTour to honor the Palmwag Lodge with a three penguin-rated Welfare, Conservation & Tourism Support 2015 Award for its commitment to sound conservation practices.

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