Saturday, 17 October 2015

399 | Tourism Support 2015 Awards


Twelve German guests have been awarded for their support in tourism in Southern Africa.

The awards were handed over to Volker Laible, Gisela Kelch, Uta & Joachim Schäfer, Barbara & Walter Maier, Dorothee Schock-Göckmann & Klaus Göckmann, Dieter Kelch, Peter & Ruth Behrens and Karin Laible (from left to right) on the Dqae Qare San Lodge at the end of their fourteen day tour.
BirdsConTour honored these guests with Tourism Support 2015 Awards because with their participation on this tour they supported our efforts in welfare and conservation through tourism.
Herewith BirdsConTour hopes to motivate more and more guests to support responsible tourism worldwide.
Special thanks to the participants of this exclusive Moremi Tour from Zimbabwe through Botswana to Namibia!

While having picnic lunch next to the road the guide uses this tool to quickly collect some litter - "cleaning the roads traveled". (see article 351)

This honey badger roadkill was found and removed by BirdsConTour to avoid further roadkills of animals trying to feed on this carcass and to even avoid vehicle accidents caused through this roadkill. (see article 344)

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