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Awarding tour participants

Photos and text by Stefan Rust

(In terms of the Geneva Convention the copyright of these texts belong to Stefan Rust)

In this age traveling becomes more and more important to people around the globe. To keep an eye on nature and to balance tourism and nature conservation, BirdsConTour initiated the “Travel gives Wings” division.

By traveling directly with BirdsConTour or making use of a guide from BirdsConTour you support bird conservation and create an economic platform for local livelihoods. Sometimes travelers also participate in another BirdsConTour project. To say THANK YOU, every tour participant receives a Bird & Birder Friendly Award at the end of the tour.

Cleaning sessions during the tour are part of the "BirdsConTour for a cleaner Bird Habitat" project. The cleaning of part of the turnoff B1/D1245 to Schlipp (Namibia), part of the Cape Namibia Route (South Africa), the surrounding of the termite mount at the turnoff B1/D2404 (Namibia) and the surrounding of the Livingstone statue in the Victoria Falls NP (Zimbabwe) was combined with a visit of 5 German-speaking guests while being on the Namaqua Tour through South Africa, Namibia, Botswana and Zimbabwe.

Five German-speaking guests were rewarded with one penguin-rated Bird & Birder Friendly Awards:

Artymiak Monika & Dieter
Krause Astrid-Stella
Warmbier Brigitte & Harald

This Namaqua Tour, organized by Pack Safari and Chamäleon Reisen, took place from the 08 th of November until the 29th of November 2013. 

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