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477/ Bird Friendly Pack Safari Project


European Bee-eater

On 22 May 2017, the International Day for the Conservation of Biodiversity (also called "International Day for Biodiversity" or "Day of Biodiversity") took place. As this year's motto of the Day for the Conservation of Biodiversity was "sustainable tourism", Pack Safari, the tour company for Southern Africa, celebrated this day by using this opportunity to present the "Bird Friendly Pack Safari" project supported by BirdsConTour (Birds Conservation & Tourism).

Many bird species deprived of their habitat and food sources in the rapidly developing Lafrenz Industrial Area Windhoek, the capital of Windhoek, find a refuge on the grounds of the tour company Pack Safari. 

Wild bird feeding station hanging

Wild bird support station fixed, serving food and nest material for all bird species

Bird water table

Ideal bird bath with pond

Pack Safari together with BirdsConTour have established a bird friendly habitat on this property since the completion of the new Pack Safari headquarter in the Lafrenz Industrial Area. 

Natural space reserved

Thus there are now not only about 181 square meters of natural space reserved and available for the wild birds, but as a return for the 2326 sqm covered area through buildings and carports, a wild bird feeding station is erected where on a daily basis different food types such as sunflower seed, crushed corn, fine seed, nectar, soft food, water and nest material is offered, catering for the different species. 

Nest boxes under the ceiling

Window seed houses are attached to prevent bird collisions

Even the buildings were designed to be bird-friendly in that partly expensive nesting boxes were installed, and bird feeding houses are attached to the larger windows, with the aim of making the transparent glass more visible and thus reducing the loss of the bird life by bird strikes.
Thus, the birds have a 6203 square meter sized Pack Safari property on which the birds can breed and live.
The habitat for various bird species in the Lafrenz Industrial Area becomes less and less by the steady cultivation that without this bird conscious implementation hardly any more species could be found here.

Birdie Snack Pack

And as if this is not enough, it is also important to note that Pack Safari buys the required bird food from the Birdie Snack Pack project from BirdsConTour, thereby helping those less well-off people who have a job and an income through the packaging of the food.

With this bird friendly campaign, Pack Safari would like to move forward with a good example, with the goal that other companies in the Lafrenz Industrial Area and other industrial areas of the city of Windhoek will follow this praiseworthy example, says Pack Safari Project Manager for Safari Logistics, Sustainability & Development Stefan Rust.

For these groundbreaking efforts in sustainable tourism, Pack Safari received a Social Welfare, Conservation & Tourism Support 2017 Award from BirdsConTour. The company now received such an award for the fourth consecutive year.
With the BirdsConTour Support Award program awards get distributed worldwide with the aim of allowing industry, local people and travelers to distinguish and chose those tour operators, attractions, cruises, flights, accommodations or any other business that make a commitment to supporting social welfare and/or conservation.

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