Thursday, 2 March 2017

468 | Water for Sossus Birds


The official BirdsConTour Water for Sossus Birds trough.

Tourism is an important industry for Namibia but can cause significant disturbance to animals in their natural habitat. 

Sossusvlei, the main attraction point of the Namib Sand Sea (Namibia's first UNESCO natural Heritage Site since 21st June 2013) for example, is a very sensitive environment and heavy visitor disruption wipes out a big amount of seeds, reptiles and insects, resulting in a lack of food and moisture for birds. For many species these food items are also a primary source of moisture their body needs.

In order to counteract this visitor-birdlife conflict and to help birds to replenish their body moisture and food, BirdsConTour introduced the Water for Sossus Birds project in 2013. Hereby tour guides, visiting the Sossusvlei area, are requested to put out a filled water and food feeder, constructed and funded by BirdsConTour, at the 4x4 parking area. With peace of mind the guide and guests can now go and discover and enjoy the magnificent Sossusvlei area.

If it happens that a tour guide forgot to take along his/her Water for Sossus Birds trough, an alternative such as this cut in half coke tin will do the trick to support these thirsty feathered desert dwellers.

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