Thursday, 26 January 2017

463 | All-in-one Bird Feeder Station by BirdsConTour


At BirdsConTour we have the so-called all-in-one Birdie Snacks Bar for the birds in your garden.

Constructed to hang or stand it allows you to position this easy to maintain bird feeding station exactly where you want it in your garden. This all-in-one Birdie Snacks Bar holds a water tray and nine food trays for all different kinds of bird food, including one for nest material and one for seedlings, so your garden birds get everything they need from one central point.

Our all-in-one Birdie Snacks Bar allows for quick and easy food replacement through a unique concept, the BirdsConTour Birdie Snacks Bar Refill Pack, that can be ordered from BirdsConTour, plus delivered and on request we refill your station/s.
By buying our Birdie Snacks Bar and Refill Packs you support welfare and conservation because it is not only the people in need which are involved who appreciate your purchase, now having a purpose in life and an income; the wild garden birdlife benefits from these products too.

Supporting our product is your good deed for the day!

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