Wednesday, 21 December 2016

460 | The bird-friendly, sustainable Christmas tree in a pot


Every year, around 25 million pines are cut in Germany alone. Why not stop and take a sustainable Christmas tree in the pot?

In Germany about 15,000 hectares of conifers are bred. They have to grow ten years before they can be sold. The artificial manure, the transport and the disposal costs a lot of money, work and environmental pollution. It is easier and, above all, sustainable. 

A fir in the pot from the garden can be used as a Christmas tree every year. And after Christmas, such a plant in the garden provides nesting place for your garden birds.
In cold countries like Germany it is important to keep the tree not directly next to the heating over the Christmas season. At the latest after one week, the plant should return to the open. Then you will have up to 15 years of fun on your tree.
But whoever wants a tree in a pot of appropriate large size, he buys a tree of the desired size, and then plants it into the garden.

For warmer countries like Namibia it is recommended to buy for example a Dwarf bottlebrush (Callistemon citrinus/Zylinderputzer) at the nursery and plant it in a pot. With such a plant, you catch two flies at a stroke. In the garden the attractive red flowers attract and feed a variety of different bird species and at Christmas time you have a wonderful Christmas tree in your home.

Dwarf Bottlebrush Christmas tree in a pot

With such a Christmas tree you not only give your family but also your garden birds a blessed and sustainable Christmas.

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