Wednesday, 3 August 2016

456 | Fighting for vultures and the community - Victoria Falls SafariLodge


The Victoria Falls Safari Lodge witnesses a massive decline in vulture numbers across Zimbabwe.

Vulture restaurant

Guests from all over the world

To counteract this a vulture restaurant was established on the lodge property.

White-backed Vultures

Feeding frenzy

By now the daily vuture feeding at precisely 1 o'clock draws groups of guests from all over the world to experience and document the feeding frenzy at the vulture restaurant.

Marabou Stork

And if the vultures aren't enough of an experience, there are also the much sought after Marabous and Kites.

Information boards

Community support

Victoria Falls Safari Lodge not only promotes the survival of vultures around Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe, both for their ecological value as health specialists and for the enjoyment of future generations, but also engage in community support, thus earning a three penguin-rated Welfare, Conservation and Tourism Support 2016 Award from BirdsConTour.

Moses G.

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